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Author: Adam Tuttle (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: January 10, 2009 9:43 AM
Version: 0.1
Views: 34,993
Downloads: 0
License: Apache License, Version 2


Grub is the second iteration of a project I started a long time ago called 'CFMenuCal' (http://cfmenucal.riaforge.org -- to be discontinued once Grub is in a usable state) and seeks to provide the same functionality, and add easier skinning and a lot of new features.

The idea is simple:
- Create a list of meals you like to eat. For each meal, list:
--- Meal type (suggested: chicken, fish, junkfood, etc)
--- Appropriate side dishes
--- Maximum number of times per month you can stomach it ;)
- Set your preference on minimum meal separation: Do you need 4 days between chicken dishes? 6? (This makes use of the Meal Type)
- Set any days for which you don't need a meal planned ('exceptions'), for example, if you are out of town
- Choose a month and year, and let the code do the rest!

The output is a randomized list of meals in a calendar view listing the meal, and side dishes, and any exceptions you defined. It is designed to be printed for easy reference. (We keep ours on the refrigerator!)

The benefit is that you never find yourself at a loss for what to cook; you never hear, 'but we just had that!' and you can figure out exactly what you need to buy for an entire month at a time: no more weekly shopping trips!

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Normally I try not to share incomplete code, but I think that having it out in the wild will give me motivation to spend more time on it. It also means I can get the benefits of Source Control without having to setup a local SVN server. (Thanks, Ray! ;)
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ColdFusion MX6+ or compatible (ala: Blue Dragon, Railo)
JavaScript enabled

Makes use of Model-Glue 3, ColdSpring, and jQuery -- all included in the download as well as SVN.

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